• Phase 1 Old Hanger Door Housing Repair

    ASRS Helifix

    ASRS were contacted by a construction company to investigate the cracking that has appeared to the housing of a set of hanger doors. The render was removed to show the full extent of the cracking with vertical cracking appearing over the brick arch lintels with additional horizontal cracks that were diagnosed as occurring due to oxidisation of the metal fixings attached to the masonry. » Read More

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  • Retaining wall stabilised on busy main road into Bristol

    A retaining wall on a busy main route into Bristol city centre was showing signs of outward movement of up to 100mm in places which was causing safety concerns for passing motorist and pedestrians.

    After discussions with the local authority the road was partially closed off for safety reasons ASRS provided 3 No test anchors along different sections of the wall to gain vital site investigation details to be able to provide an accurate specification. » Read More

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  • Bay window Stabilisation

    Working closely with Helifix area manager Hayley Palmer ASRS were asked to come up with a solution to cure the cracking and outward movement to this 2 storey bay window.

    The proposed remedial scheme was designed to restore the structural integrity of the masonry where cracking and sagging has occurred by the introduction of the Helifix Helibeam system installed laterally to distribute the structural loads. » Read More

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  • Retaining wall stabilisation

    ASRS were called in to provide a repair solution to a bowing retaining garden wall where the ongoing movement had caused concern for the safety of pedestrians walking down the lane.

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  • Overcoming subsidence problems with Chance Piles and the Helibeam System

    When foundation settlement has resulted in cracked or buckled walls the Chance Helical Pile Foundation System, combined with the Helibeam System of Masonry Repair and Reinforcement, offers a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to more expensive, disruptive and time consuming methods of stabilisation that require extensive excavations.

    Our engineers will assess the situation and design repairs based on individual ground conditions. ASRS will supply and rapidly install the systems.

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  • Case Study: Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Centre, London

    The Challenge

    ASRS were consulted to carry out a wall tie investigation to a large commercial property that had no obvious signs of movement other than one panel of masonry had leaned outwards 80mm at the top of the panel. After an extensive survey it was discovered the inner and outer leafs did not have sufficient wall ties to connect the two skins of masonry. » Read More

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