Causes of

Lintel Failure

Lintel failure can be caused by a multitude of issues. Damage to concrete and timber lintels is often caused by damp and water ingress. Moisture can cause the steel reinforcement to rust in concrete lintels and the rotting of timber.

Structural movement is a cause of failure in all types of lintels, and the cause needs to be addressed alongside the lintel repair.

A common cause of failure on brick lintels, particularly in older buildings, is replacement doors and windows. Timber is a stronger and heavier material than PVC and added to the structural support provided by the lintel. PVC is unable to provide the same amount of support, adding additional stress on the lintel, causing it to fail.

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Failed brick window lintel
Repairing Failed Brick Arch Lintel

Method of

Lintel Repair

Lintel repair is most commonly executed using a combination of vertical pinning to reattach and reinforce any dropped masonry, and masonry beaming using the Helibeam system to redistribute the structural loads.


Depending on the type of masonry, pinning is done either with DryFix or CemFix, stainless steel, helical ties. With a DryFix tie a pilot hole is drilled through the masonry, and the tie is the hammer drilled through the pilot hole. The high-profile fins on the tie self-tap into the masonry.

With a CemTie, a clearance hole is drilled into the masonry. The tie is then inserted using a grout filled pinning nozzle attached to a grout gun. As the cementitious grout is injected, the tie is carried with it to leave a fully grouted tie.

Masonry Beaming

Twin bands of long stainless-steel bar are inserted into pre-cut, horizontal slots in the bed joint at pre-determined intervals, and bonded to the masonry using cementitious grout.

As well as stitching any cracks, the masonry beams redistribute the structural loads across their width, easing the pressure on the opening below lintel.

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