What is the cause

Of bowed walls?

Bowed walls and outward movement are often the result of poor construction and inadequate tying-in of the masonry to the floor and ceiling joists. This lack of lateral restraint is a common failure in period properties and will be presented by bowing or bulging walls.

End of terrace gable and flank elevations are also commonly affected by lack of lateral restraint where the floor and ceiling joists run parallel to the masonry and there is physical connection between the two. This allows outward movement and cracking to occur, especially where there is an increase in structural loads.

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lateral restraint ties in roof trusses
lateral restraint ties installed through floor joists to stabilise bowed wall


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ASRS use lateral restraint ties to connect the masonry to floor and/or ceiling joists, tying the two together. A hole is drilled into the masonry, level with the timber joists. The leading edge of the restraint tie is cut as a drill bit, as it is inserted, it cuts its way into two or more joists. The masonry end is then resin fixed, securely tying the masonry in. The hole in the masonry is then filled with colour-matched repair mortar to provide an invisible repair.

Other structural repair techniques such as crack stitching and bed joint reinforcement may also be required to repair cracks or to stabilise the masonry.

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We offer free site visits to both domestic and professional clients to assess the problem and propose the appropriate repair programme, tailored to suit the specific needs of the project.

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Helifix Approved

ASRS are approved installers of the Helibeam System, offering cost effective, non-disruptive and concealed solutions to all aspects of remedial masonry stabilisation.

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Our skilled installation teams are trained and experienced in all aspects of masonry repair. They have been trained to the highest standard in every installation process to cover all H+S requirements.

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With most of our design and installation specifications we are proud to offer a 10yr indemnified guarantee on Helifix repairs and Micro Piling. We offer a 25yr guarantee for Wall Tie replacement.