Helifix Repairs To A Residential Property In London

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We were contacted by the owner of a four storey residential property; to provide a repair scheme for the rear elevation, where cracking and sagging had occurred.
Shortly after we carried out a survey, we provided the client with a full specification, detailed drawings and a full quotation for the repairs. We specified the use of the Helifix system, designed to restore the structural integrity of the masonry where cracking and sagging has occurred. We recommended the installation of the Helibeam system, installed laterally to distribute the structural loads. In addition to these measures, Helifix Cem ties were recommended to reconnect the brick lintels back to the masonry panel above, offering substantial resistance to further cracking and sagging.


We installed 7 No. twin bands of Helibar, positioned horizontally. 2 No. were installed above the second floor window, 2 No. installed between the first and second floor window and 2 No. installed above the ground floor window. Additionally we installed 1 No. single band of Helibar horizontally across the existing crack above the first floor window. To complete the structural repairs we installed 14 No. Helifix Cem ties vertically through the brick lintel above the reinforcing Helibar. We removed the 2 No. flat iron plates from the second floor window heads, as these were no longer required.


In addition to the Helifix installation we raked out the existing cracks and injected them with thixotropic cementitious grout. Following this we made good all areas of mortar disturbed by our installation. Along side this, we colour tinted the bricks to match the old ones as near as practicable.

Our team completed the project within time and budget. We provided the client with a 10 year Helifix indemnified guarantee.

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