Phase 1 Old Hanger Door Housing Repair

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ASRS were contacted by a construction company to investigate the cracking that has appeared to the housing of a set of hanger doors. The render was removed to show the full extent of the cracking with vertical cracking appearing over the brick arch lintels with additional horizontal cracks that were diagnosed as occurring due to oxidisation of the metal fixings attached to the masonry.

ASRS designed a repair proposal to restore the structural integrity of the masonry where cracking and sagging has occurred by the introduction of the Helibeam system, installed laterally to distribute the structural loads. In addition to these measures, Helifix Cem ties were installed to reconnect the brick arch lintels back to the masonry panels above, thus offering substantial resistance to further cracking and sagging.

Also where it was believed that the housing units were built in the winter during the war, a number of cold joints had appeared so ASRS also crossed pinned these cracks to reconnect the brickwork.

Once ASRS had completed the Helifix repair works, the steelwork was treated to stop further oxidisation and the housing was re-rendered

This was the first phase of a project to restore all the hangers to their former glory.

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