Platipus ground anchors

Discreet, quick to install permanent support for walls showing signs of distress, particularly suited to historical buildings.

The Platipus earth anchoring system is a unique, modern and versatile mechanical anchor that can be rapidly deployed in most soils. Apart from the significant cost benefits, the system requires no grout, no curing time and creates no mess or contamination. Anchors can be installed, proof loaded up to 200kN and fully operational within minutes, in most cases using conventional hand-held equipment.

Platipus anchors can be used to provide permanent support to an existing retaining wall showing signs of distress. They are perfect for historical structures that require all evidence of support to be concealed and are an ideal temporary solution that allows other structural work on a retaining wall to be completed.

Platipus anchors, installed in conjunction with the Helibeam System for masonry applications, maximise levels of lateral restraint and offer concealed installation with no external plates if required.

ASRS can arrange a free In-house Design Service to assist Consultants with specifications of works. Indemnified designs are available with a guarantee range from 50 – 100 years.

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