Structural repairs in London

The ASRS team have a wealth of experience in their fields, offering a complete structural repair service in London, Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and across the south west. We will diagnose the problem and then design and execute a cost effective repair. Regardless of the issue you are facing, we provide you with a free consultation.

Cracks in walls and structural defects have a multitude of causes and can cause major concern. Our surveyors are skilled in determining the cause of the problem, and specifying the best solution. Modern methods of structural repair remove the need for taking down and rebuilding, which significantly reduces the stress, disruption and cost.

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Structural Engineers’ Recommendations

We work alongside structural engineers that may have been approached prior to our involvement. They will produce a structural report of a property, and within that, they may suggest specific structural repairs. This is where we step in.

A structural engineer will often recommend our company specifically, or suggest an approved Helifix installer, with the expertise to carry out these repairs, such as ourselves. This is how many of our clients come to contact us.

To be clear – we can diagnose the cause of structural issues, design a repair specification, and carry out the repairs. We do not offer structural engineers’ reports. However, if a structural engineer has already been involved, we carry out the repairs that are suggested within their report.

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Approved Installer

As an approved Helifix installer, ASRS provides a wide range of repair techniques that can be combined to produce the best solution for your structural problems, from wall cracking to foundation sinking. They include the Helifix systems, Anchor Systems’ ground anchors and micro piles, Cintec sock anchors, and various concrete repair products.

Official Helifix Structural Remedial Repairs

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Common structural defects, issues and problems

Crack Repairs
Bay Window Repair
Concrete Repair
Micro Piles

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement
Movement Joints
Bridge Repairs & Maintenance
Conventional Piles

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Free Quotation

We offer free site visits to both domestic and professional clients to assess the problem and propose the appropriate repair programme, tailored to suit the specific needs of the project.

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Helifix Approved

ASRS are approved installers of the Helibeam System, offering cost effective, non-disruptive and concealed solutions to all aspects of remedial masonry stabilisation.

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Skilled Workforce

Our skilled installation teams are trained and experienced in all aspects of masonry repair. They have been trained to the highest standard in every installation process to cover all H+S requirements.

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With most of our design and installation specifications we are proud to offer a 10yr indemnified guarantee on Helifix repairs and Micro Piling. We offer a 25yr guarantee for Wall Tie replacement.