Structural Repairs in London

Repairs to cracked walls, sinking foundations

The ASRS team has a wealth of experience in their fields, offering a complete structural repair service in London and the surrounding areas. We will diagnose the problem and then design and execute a cost effective repair. Regardless of the issue you are facing, we provide you with a free consultation.

Carrying out structural engineers’ recommendations

We work alongside structural engineers. They will produce a structural report of a property and within that they may suggest any necessary structural repairs. This is where we step in.

A structural engineer will often recommend our company specifically or suggest an approved Helifix installer, like us, with the expertise to carry out these repairs. This is how many of our clients come to contact us.

To be clear – we do not offer structural engineers’ report, but we do carry out the repairs that are suggested within the reports.

As an approved Helifix installer, ASRS provides a wide range of repair techniques that can be combined to produce the best solution for your structural problems, from wall cracking to foundation sinking. They include Helifix, Platipus ground anchors, micro piles, Cintec Sock anchors and various concrete repair products.

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