Micro piles

The Helifix Micro-Pile system is simple but extremely effective; combined with works to repair the cracking, it’s proven to be the most effective solution for foundation movement.

A micro-pile is a screw down pile that can typically achieve loads of up to 220KN per pile. A full survey with soil investigations and bore holes will determine what the cause of the foundation movement is. ASRS Ltd can then design a solution and produce a repair scheme.

How are the repairs carried out?

A pit is dug at 750mm x 750mm to expose the bottom of the existing foundations. The pile is then screwed in to a predetermined depth using hand held equipment. Whilst screwing the pile in the pile log will be completed manually to ensure that bearing capacity is achieved. An adjustable bracket is the attached to the pile and the bracket attached to the foundations.

In most cases a 10 year Helifix indemnified guarantee can be provided after installation, if required.

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